Waiting For You At The Spring

Waiting For You At The Spring Manga

Alternative: 我在泉水等你 ; Wǒ Zài Quán Shuǐ Děng Nǐ ; Wo Zai Quan Shui Deng Ni ; I Wait for in the Spring Water ; Spring Water Waiting for You
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Author(s): Yurir
Genre: Drama , Romance , Shoujo,
Status: Ongoing
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Waiting For You At The Spring Content

Three years ago, Si Ning and her team rose to fame after winning the Summoner's Cup. However, after learning that her boyfriend and teammate cheated on her, she withdrew from professional play, vowing to never return. Three years later, she became a full-time video game streamer, sporting her new long peppermint green tresses. Through hard work, her stream steadily grew until one day, a random in-game opponent destroyed her 5-0 in front of all her viewers. Unfortunately for her, the embarrassing defeat went viral. Her opponent turned out to be the newest sensation in pro player circles, superstar Ye Feisheng, who continued to be a major thorn in her side. He regularly showed up uninvited, first plying her stream with massive donations, then visiting her home in person with a large horde of fans in tow. Why does this little brat keep bugging me? What does he want?? Watch as she fights back to reap the seeds of success and love!

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